Eustathios Build Log – Printed Pieces – Pass Through Bearing Holders

Pass Through Bearing Holders

Here are the first prints for what will be my new printer.  These prints came out acceptably, and will most assuredly work, but I seem to be over extruding a bit.  I’ll try to dial that in a bit as the prints progress, so be on the lookout for higher quality parts as I progress.

Also, these are the very first pictures I’m taking with a real camera (i.e., not a cell phone camera).  Frankly, I have NO IDEA what I’m doing, so bear with me as I try to figure out yet another hobby (photography) that I certainly won’t actually master.

Print Settings

  • Printer:  Wilson2 (customized)
  • Filament:  Atomic Filament PETG Ruby Red Translucent
  • Slicer:  Simplify3D
  • Hotend Temperature:  240ºC
  • Bed Temperature:  75ºC (first layer), 65ºC (all other layers)
  • Layer Height:  0.15mm
  • Solid Bottom Layers:  3
  • Solid Top Layers:  4
  • Perimeter Shells:  2
  • Infill:  100% Rectilinear @ 100% width
  • Sparse Infill:  <no>
  • Print Speed:  50mm/s


If you have any questions or suggestions, let me know in the comments.

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